About Poodle In The City

Raleigh is a shy yet very determined giant phantom poodle. His adventures in the City of Houston personalize the rich and often conflicting interface where dog meets human.

Everywhere Raleigh and I go we run headlong into human/dog problems. And we are buoyed up by the compassion, creativity and determination that seek to make these problems better.

We invite you to follow along. We will push the boundaries, question the rules, and find out exactly where and why dogs are welcome and dogs are prohibited. We plan to find out what works and what doesn’t work. It is our goal to determine what humans are doing well and what we can do better to make the city a bigger and friendlier place for our canine companions.

You will be amazed, charmed, and sometimes outraged as we reveal what we learn about dogs, their people, standard poodles, the City of Houston, and – of course – the brave and beautiful Raleigh himself.